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Installing GNU/Linux on your PC is easy!

To illustrate this point, here is how you can have GNU/Linux up and running in just 10 simple steps:

  1. First, backup any important data on your PC.
  2. Second, choose your Distro.
  3. Then click the download link to download the CD/DVD/etc. image. This image file is essentially a virtual CD or DVD.
  4. Burn the image. If you're unfamiliar with this terminology, take heed that it does not involve setting fire to any photo. This just means you need to use a CD/DVD burning application to burn the CD/DVD image onto it.
  5. Once the CD or DVD is ready, take it out.
  6. Reboot or turn on the PC you want to install GNU/Linux on after inserting your newly burned CD/DVD.
  7. Hit the "escape" button to bring up a dialog on your PC and choose to start up from the CD/DVD (this might be a different key, depending on your PC).
  8. Once the installer has finished starting up, follow the prompts to install your new GNU/Linux OS, either alongside your old OS (such as Microsoft Windows) or replacing it completely with GNU/Linux.
  9. Put your backup data back in your PC.
  10. Enjoy your new PC!